Friday, June 27, 2014

Somethings Were Amiss

After I finished school and parted ways with my best of friends, I knew that life would be very different.

Especially in terms of friendships. There would be no four hour long phone conversations or knowing every single thing going on in a friends house including the names of third cousins and the who is getting married to whom.

And I was okay with that. Because I knew that they will come back to Qatar, or I will go to Pakistan and there will be hurried lunches or a half an hour meeting at the friends college.

It would not be the same. But it would be something.

There was one thing I was never sure about.

Whether we will have that connection. Or not. Will we be able to talk for hours from horses to the newest actor in town. Whether we will pretend or truly laugh at the other person's joke.

It did change. Our friendships. More like the way we communicated.

From local phones, we went on to Skype calls. From telling every single detail to most important things first and than other things. But inside jokes were explained, friends were introduced virtually, common old friends were talked about and book recommendations were given.

I once completely forgot to call my friend when she had told me to. They could not make it to my wedding. I was not able to listen to her problem in time. M could not see all the wedding shopping I did.

So somethings were amiss. But we got over it.

I met my best friend after almost six months yesterday. As we were sitting, eating our Pasta, she was talking about her friends, how one of them stands affixed in the middle of the road to photograph something. I told her about my new family, how Mr A's sister is the one left eating even when we are ready to leave.

There are times when days pass and our conversation comprises of hello's and how are you's. Than there are days, where we forget what we were doing while typing with all ten fingers, cutting each others sentences to finish our story first.

We have worked through it. An year has passed us. We are in different cities in different countries.

As G said, "Yet we are stronger than ever.