Saturday, June 14, 2014

She Was Everything

I missed my mom.

In 50 'C weather, grunting and complaining, we all went to Umm Saeed to ride and drive Buggies. This was such a familiar yet old sight that it rejuvenated me. And I went all crazy, could not wait to do stunts etc person.

So there I am, refusing to sit with anyone and driving the buggies at least thrice more than everyone else. By this point, I am sure I was labeled as a very insane "Bahu" who had not seen a thing in her life. 

In my defense though, I refused to sit with Mr A. Because he drove so damn slow.

But my loving remarks made him see the light.

Which resulted in both of us going a little over board and in our excitement, we got hurt. 

One Friday, we were getting married. The next we were in need of stitches. 

Its an incredible sight with you bleeding, and ten people fussing over you, giving their advice and trying their best to implement it as well. 

Than we went on to the sea side. I was sitting there, my face puffy and swollen, stars in my eyes, and all I wanted was Amma.

Mr A's whole family was there, playing and joking around, asking about us and showing there concern at every 15 minute interval. 

But it was not the same. 

Sitting under that jet black sky, over looking the
greys and blues of the never ending sea, surrounded by yellows and oranges of the desert, I just wanted to lie in my mom's lap and close my eyes.

Forget everything else. 

I missed my mom. 

In that moment, she was everything.