Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Theory Of Mr A

Five days after our marriage, Mr A and I, went out to dinner alone instead of all the relatives and family that has crowded their house.

I am a very independent person who does not really believe in guys paying for dinners, movies etc all the time. 

It just does not make sense.

So the time had come to make my views very clear by action. I had already done it verbally.

As I step out of the car, he goes like, "so its your treat ? Right ?"

Me, "Yeah, sure." I am doing a mental chicken dance.

And than we go inside, order Garlic Bread and Potato Wedges for starters and dig in. 

Inside I am thinking, wow, this is totally awesome. Being a typical traditional guy, I was ready to face his male ego. And badger him with dignified answers.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. 

See, when the bill came around, he offered me his wallet but did not insist on paying at all.

I paid with a huge smug smile on my face, all the time thinking about the glory of winning a battle.

As we step out of Pizza Hut, he says, "Whats for dessert ? Make it my treat."

But because I am such an over confident idiot, I get Double Scoop Waffle Cone ice cream and pay for it myself. 

I am still thinking of myself as a winner.

And that is when the bomb goes off. 

Mr A explains to me his theory. This theory states that,

" Make the person pay for all the dinners, shopping etc, so that they run out of money. You sit back, relax and wait for them to come and ask you for money with puppy dog eyes and embarrassing smiles. "

No comments.

Looks like I have found the perfect match after all.