Monday, May 26, 2014

I Have A Plan

When I was younger I had a plan. For everything.

In second grade I wanted to be a pilot. I had it all figured out. I wanted to fly. And the best way to do that was by flying a plane.

Because I never learned to do things the simple way. It was either the high way or no way.

Than in fourth grade, I wanted a horse stables. I had no idea how that actually works. But I loved horses so I wanted a room full of them. And make a future out of it.

In 6th grade, I wanted become a Chartered Accountant. I loved Mathematics and the highest degree I could think of was becoming a CA.

In 10th grade, I was set on becoming a doctor. I was going to become a surgeon. and not just any. A Neurologist. Or a dentist if that did not work out. I know, too much of McDreamy.

Somewhere in between I also wanted to win the biggest debate competition and be called, "Debater of the World". I know now, that term does not really exist.

Than when I fell in love with writing, I did not just want to write short stories or articles in a magazine. My ultimate goal was to write a book. And that will happen, someday.

But that's just me. When I do something. I like to do it big. Or not do it at all.

Everyone has a different definition of doing it. That's just mine. And its ridiculous sometimes.

Now, I am studying to become a Chartered Accountant.

My two best friends are in Medical school.

I want to pass and get a private flying license one day.

I want to own a horse. Just one, in this case.

I got the Speaker of the Year award which unbelievably came into existence.

My articles get published in different places from time to time. And I have a blog. The book is on its way.

Somewhere in future.