Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Can Finally Drive

Even before I turned 16, I wanted to go to USA. Because you could get your drivers license at 16. That was the utmost teenager dream of mine. I had it all planned out. I would get an International Drivers License and hopefully, I could drive in Qatar at 16, as well.

My dear dad was kind enough to hand me the keys and show me the place behind the steering wheel at 11 years. I used to drive alongside the beach right up the Saudi border because we used to visit it every month to get our Visit Visa renewed.

As I grew up, I got busy in other things and driving was pushed to the back of my mind. 

But as 20 May 2013 came nearer, my excitement grew. Because I would finally turn 18. The sacred moment I had waited for all these years. 

Imagine me, driving Corniche road, looking hip in Mint Ray-Bans and the stereo cracked up to my "at the moment obsessed song".

And than crashing the car. 

I turned 18 and because exams were going on, decided to wait for the license. But than, came a string of occasions or reasons that I refrained from getting the license. I kept putting it off.

That burning desire was gone. 

It happens. When you want something very badly and somehow you have to wait for it, the desire just goes away. When you finally get it, its not the same. 

You are not the same. 

Since last week, I had been gathering up documents and getting information from Driving Schools to finally get my Drivers License. But I could not feel that 15 year old me wanting to go to USA vibe anymore.

It was a fine moment. Not an UH-MAZING moment.

But today, I entered the Driving School to finally get my Admittance Card and get everything finalised. All of a sudden, I was that 15 year old Sumaica again. 

It hit me. I am getting my Drivers License. I can finally drive a car. I can stop throwing water on my brother or begging different people to drive me around.

And best of all, I get to listen to whatever I want. There is no one to change the sound track.