Friday, August 22, 2014

You Gotta Dress To Impress

The one thing I see in a guy is his dressing. I will not notice the height, features or the smile. Its the clothes, the way his shirt matches that rolled up denim, the square dial watch compliments his wrist or the mismatched socks peaking out of those Neon Converse.

Its in the details.

Today, dressing has diminished. There are very few guys who actually like to find out what suits them and what does not. We live in an era where there is more make up on our faces and less clothes on our bodies.

Even now, if you go to a simple shop in Pakistan, the shop keeper will be wearing crisp white starched Shalwar Kameez of the latest trend, watch, his hair combed neatly partitioned to the right and sandals which shine more than your Silver ware on the dining table.

Unfortunately, when I got married, the first thing I got to know was that Mr A is, well, not into clothes. By that I mean, he has no interest in making sure that his leather jacket is of the latest cut and style, let alone wear Car cuff links or a Burj Khalifa Tie Pin. His idea of looking presentable enough to be seen in public is wearing sweatpants with a t shirt.

I know. I don't believe where I ended up either. But that is the reality of life.

So my fantasies of seeing him dress up in a Blazer or a nice Vest, went down the brain and into the delete pile of my thoughts. Because if I ask him to go and change clothes, it goes from sweat pants to jeans and a black t shirt.

I often tell him that if I were a girl in a mall, I would not even give him a second glance.

On top of all this, his working space and his environment has been very casual so he does not has to make an effort.

But now all that is going to change.

Mr A got a new job. And its a fancy one. I term it "fancy" in the dressing department.

He is an accountant, so he has to wear work suits and much more formal clothing than he is used to.You cannot just walk around wearing dress pants and a white shirt anymore.

Sometimes you do not want to do a particular thing. But than circumstances change, and you end up embracing the change.

Welcome to the big league ! Where you have to dress to impress.