Sunday, July 13, 2014

Its Just A Matter Of When

When we moved to Qatar, the first house that we stayed in was given to us by the company by dad worked for.

It did not have a single bulb or tube light in it.

It was the same case with the second and the third house. When asked for a house loan, we were given a bogus company policy excuse.

We bought every single energy saver in the house.

So when we finally moved houses a fourth time, after finding a house on our own terms, my mom wanted to payback the company for their generosity.

Moving day arrived, all of our packed and unpacked things go in the trucks, vans and cars hired by friends and family friends. Things got broken but most of them were shifted.

Last moment in the house, we are going through it to see if anything is left, when all of a sudden my mother looks up and sees the energy savers.

She gets hold of the ladder, climbs it up and takes it down. Than she goes around the house taking them all down one by one, liking ripping off band aid.

I stood there, telling her not to such an idiotic thing but her answer was the same, "I am not leaving without these."

So we went to the new house, a bag cradled in my lap with 8 energy savers and me praying that they don't break.

While setting up the new house, my mother noticed that a few bulbs were missing in the chandeliers in some of the rooms. Out comes the energy savers bag with a lecture on her being right and a mom smirk.

Fast forward ten minutes later, when I am standing on the ladder telling her that the ones we need are the twisting ones and the ones she took off of the old house were screw in ones.

Sometimes you have to let go.

Be it grudges or old buddies.

Its a Honey Bee that will sting you.

Its just a matter of when.