Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wish Were Taught in Schools

This is actually very ironic. I remember reading What Katy Did, Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe, etc in middle school but when I moved to Qatar in 6th grade, class reading changed drastically. There was no concept of reading novels as part of a syllabus. Our books had excerpts from different classics which was very boring. So obviously, for me I would have loved to be taught books in school. Because I know how much fun it is, reading and having book discussions over a book. These are some of the books that I would have loved to read in class with the amazing English teacher I had.

Top Ten Books I Wish Were Taught In Schools:

1. The Count of Monte Cristo :

This is a perfect high school book. It is a classic. So all the teachers who are more into literature and classics will not oppose this. It is a story of revenge, betrayal, trust, integrity, patience, everything that one would want in a book. It took me about a week to read it and it is 1600 pages long. But it is worth the read. And this is my most favourite book.

2. Hunger Games:

Or any good dystopian novel. High school is like playing Hunger Games. Instead of districts, there are different groups from the most popular to geeks, drama queens etc. Its all about surviving in those four most important years of your life where you have to enjoy your teenage life while making a future for yourself. Reading such a book gives you the satisfaction that you are not alone in this fight of yours with the world. And it is not boring.

3. 19 Minutes:

This is such a perfect book. I read it after I finished High School this year and I truly understood what bullying does to a person. It breaks you. It destroys a person. This should be taught so students would know how it feels to be bullied. I know that not everyone is attentive in school, but even if you get the message across one person, that is all that matters.

4. Paper Towns:

When I finished reading this book, I so badly wanted to discuss it with
my English teacher. There were so many things I had a problem with and I thought to myself, damn, I wish I was taught this in school. It has a lot philosophy in it which needs class discussions and a teacher to make you go into the depth of things. I understood the story but I know I would have gotten much more out of it.

5. I Am the Messenger:

Aaaaahhhh. Markus Zusak. What should I say ? The message of this book is beautiful. At first you might not be into the book but it leaves a life lasting impact on you. After reading this book, Zusak shot up on my Best Author list. This is for all the lazy asses out there who instead of doing something in life, just lie around waiting for things to work out by magic.

6. Little Women:

I read this book when I was very young and I loved it. It is my mothers favourite book and I think this was the first classic she bought me. Its such a great story of love, family, friendships and so much more. Jo and Larry are my favourite characters and I was devastated when Jo says no to him. That was the first time I wanted to have a sister, looking at the fun that Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth have. I have read this book countless times, so obviously I know their names by heart.

7. The Book Thief:

Teachers want their students to learn something new everyday. What is a better way of learning what Nazi Germany was like than reading about it from a very different perspective ? I have read a lot about the era of Hitler and Nazism but this was such a different read on a very common topic. And its a book about a girls love for books and words. Nothing can be better for me.