Friday, June 07, 2013

100 Book Challenge 2012

Last year things were a little hard and somehow I could not finish this challenge. My focus was somewhere else, in other things. But I did manage to read a quiet a few amazing books.

1.Kiss The Girls. -James Patterson
2.The Double Eagle. -James Twining
3.The Alexander Cipher. -Will Adams
4.The Doomsday Conspiracy. -Sidney Sheldon
5.The Stars Shine Down. -Sidney Sheldon
6.Master Of The Game. -Sidney Sheldon
7.The Naked Face. -Sidney Sheldon
8.Sea Swept. -Nora Roberts
9. Chocolate Girls. -Annie Murray

10.Slave. -Mende Nazir
11.Saher Aik Isteara Hain. -Umera Ahmed (Urdu Novel)
12. Rapture In Death. -J.D.Robb
13.Ceremony In Death. -J.D.Robb
14.The Worlds Greatest Secrets. -Allen Hall
15.SVU, He Is Watching You -Francis Pascal
16.The Worlds Greatest Crooks And Con men.
17.The Mcgregor Grooms. -Nora Roberts

18.Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul.
19.Towards Zero. -Agatha Christie
20.Along Came A Spider. -James Patterson
21.The Devil Wears Prada. -Lauren Wiseberger
22.I Am Nujood, Age 10 And Divorced. -Nujood Ali/Delphine Minor

23.In Her Shoes. -Jennifer Weiner
24.Refugee Boy. -Benjamin
25.Aik Daag E Nadamat. -Umera Ahmed (Urdu Novel)
26.Zindagi Gulzar Hain. -Umera Ahmed (Urdu Novel)

27.The Thief Lord.
28.Bloodline. -Sidney Sheldon (Reread)
29.Bloodlines. -Rachelle Meade
30.Gossip Girl. -Cecil Van Zeigasar
31.Guilty Wives. -James Patterson

32.My Feudal Lord. -Tahmeena Durrani
33.Digital Fortress. -Dan Brown
34.Picture Perfect. -Jodi Picoult
35.House Rules. -Jodi Picoult
36.The Golden Lily. -Rachelle Mead
37.7th Heaven. -James Patterson
38.Tell Me Your Dreams. -Sidney Sheldon

39.Hunger Games. -Suzanne Collins
40.Catching Fire. -Suzanne Collins
41.Mockingjay. -Suzanne Collins
42.Rising Tides. -Nora Roberts
43.Inner Harbour. -Nora Roberts

44. Bag of Bones. -Stephen King
45. Tess Of The D'urbevilles. -Thomas Hardy
46. Celebrity In Death. -J.D.Robb aka Nora Roberts
47. The Winner. -David Baldacci
48. South Town. -Rick Riordan
49.Lost In Time. Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods 6)

50. Tales Of Shakespeare
51. Amar Bail. -Umera Ahmed (Re-read)
52. F Is For Fugitive. -Sue Grafton
53. Chicken Soup For Teenage Soul 3.
54. Three Times A Lady. -Sarah Webb (re-read)

55. It Had To Be You. -Sarah Webb
56. Total Control. -David Baldacci

57. Sassy Cinderella and The Valiant Vigilante. -Sharon Dunn
58. Brida. -Paulo Coelho
59. Kiss Kiss. -Roald Dahl
60. Casual Vacancy. -J.K.Rowling
61. The Adventures Of Goodnight and Loving. -Leslie Thomas

62. And Thereby Hangs A Tail. -Jeffrey Archer
63. King Solomons Mines. -
64. The Fourth Estate. -Jeffrey Archer