Friday, June 07, 2013

100 Book Challenge 2011

I never wrote down the names of books that I read or the amount. But I came across this thing in 2011 and decided to try it. It was my first time and I actually finished the challenge. Yes, I am lazy to the extent of uploading this after a year. Apologies.

Book Challenge 2011 
  1. Master Of The Game. -Sidney Sheldon
  2. Mistress Of The Game. -Sidney Sheldon
  3. A Walk To Remember. -Nicholas Sparks
  4. If Tomorrow Comes. -Sidney Sheldon
  5. Accident. -Danielle Steel
  6. Amazing Grace. -Danielle Steel
  7. Bloodline. -Sidney Sheldon
  8. Nothing Lasts Forever. -Sidney Sheldon
  9. A Prisoner Of Birth. -Jeffrey Archer
  10. Windmills Of The God. -Sidney Sheldon
  11. Paths Of Glory. -Jeffrey Archer
  12. Kane and Abel. -Jeffrey Archer
  13. Honour Among Thieves. -Jeffrey Archer
  14. Bygones. -LaVyrle Spencer
  15. Sands Of Time. -Sidney Sheldon
  16. The Other Side Of Midnight. -Sidney Sheldon
  17. Romeo and Juliet. -Shakespeare
  18. Vampires Academy. -Richelle Mead
  19. Frostbite (VA:2) -Richelle Mead
  20. Shadow Kissed. (VA:3) -Richelle Mead
  21. Oliver Twist. -Charles Dickens
  22. The Prodigal Daughter. -Jeffrey Archer
  23. As The Crow Flies. -Jeffrey Archer
  24. Angels and Demons. -Dan Brown
  25. Eves Party. -Nick Turnbull
  26. Fear Street. -R.L.Stine
  27. The Winner. -David Baldacci
  28. A Twist In The Tail. -Jeffrey Archer
  29. The Simple Truth. -David Baldacci
  30. Blood Promise. (VA: 4) -Richelle Mead
  31. Spirit Bound (VA:5) -Richelle Mead
  32. Last Sacrifice (VA:6) -Richelle Mead
  33. Not A Penny More, Not a Penny Less. -Jeffrey Archer
  34. Shaheen. -Naseem Hijazi (Urdu Novel)
  35. Pride And Prejudice. -Jane Austin
  36. Zero Point 3. -Javed Chaudhry (Urdu book, compilation of articles)
  37. Memories Of Midnight. -Sidney Sheldon
  38. To Kill A Mocking Bird. -Harper Lee
  39. Gone With The Wind. -Margaret Michell
  40. The Ravenscar Dynasty. -Barbara Taylor Bradford
  41. Hush Hush. -Becca Fitzpatrick
  42. Power Of A Woman. -Barbara Taylor
  43. Third Girl. -Agatha Christie
  44. Blue Bloods. (BB 1) -Melissa de la Cruz
  45. Masquerade. (BB 2) -Melissa de la Cruz
  46. Revelations. (BB 3) -Melissa de la Cruz
  47. The Van Alen Legacy. (BB 4) -Melissa de la Cruz
  48. Misguided Angel. (BB 5) -Melissa de la Cruz
  49. Zero Point 4. -Javed Chaudhry
  50. My Sisters Keeper. -Jodi Picoult
  51. The Prince and The Pauper. -Mark Twain
  52. Message In A Bottle. -Nicolas Sparks
  53. House Of Night Series: Marked. -P.S.Cast
  54. Bridge To Terabithia. -Katherine Paterson
  55. Not Without My Daughter. -Betty Mehmoody
  56. Fires Of War: First Team. -Larry Bond
  57. 1st To Die. -James Patterson
  58. Blasphemy. -Tehmina Durrani
  59. Three Times A lady. -Sarah Webb
  60. Shutter Island. -Dennis Lehane
  61. It Had To Be You. -Susan Elizabeth
  62. Sons Of Fortune. -Jeffrey Archer
  63. A Quiver Full Of Arrows. -Jeffrey Archer
  64. Kiss The Girls. -James Patterson
  65. The Stars Shine Down. -Sidney Sheldon
  66. Shopaholic. -Sophie Kinsella
  67. Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. -Sophie Kinsella
  68. Shopaholic Ties The Knot. -Sophie Kinsella
  69. Shopaholic and Sister. -Sophie Kinsella
  70. Shopaholic and Baby. -Sophie Kinsella
  71. Mini Shopaholic. -Sophie Kinsella
  72. Wild Prairie Roses. -Lena Nelson
  73. Grace In Thine Eyes. -Liz Curtis
  74. A Whisper Of Danger. -Catherine Palmer
  75. Jane Eyre. -Charlotte Bronte
  76. Knit For Love. -Beth Patillo
  77. Nippy. -Elizabeth Waite
  78. Slumdog Millionaire. -Vikas Swarup
  79. Anne Of Ingleside. -L.M.Montgomery
  80. Blue Bridge Brides. -Lauralee Bliss
  81. Prairie Hills. -Susan May Warren
  82. Little Women. -Lousia.M.Alcott
  83. Good Wives. -Louisa.M.Alcott
  84. Jo's Boys. -Louisa.M.Alcott
  85. Little Men. -Louisa.M.Alcott
  86. Lighting Thief. -Rick Riordan 
  87. Sea Of Monsters. -Rick Riordan
  88. Titans Curse. -Rick Riordan
  89. Battle Of the Lybrinth. -Rick Riordan
  90. Last Olympian. -Rick Riordan
  91. Tair-e-Lahoti. -Riffat Siraj
  92. Kidnapped. -R.L.Stevenson
  93. Sea Swept. -Nora Roberts
  94. Size 12 isn't Fat. -Meg Cabot
  95. Size 14 isn't Fat Either. -Meg Cabot
  96. The Last Symbol. -Dan Brown
  97. The Da-Vinci Code. -Dan Brown
  98. Murder On The Orient Express. -Agatha Christie
  99. Hickory Dickery Dock. -Agatha Christie
  100. The Murder Of Roger Ackroyed. -Agatha Christie