Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coffee Rants # 3

When it gets cold outside only then I realize that I do not own a single pair of full sleeves shirt so then I spend my day wearing a blanket. Simply because I am too lazy to open the suitcases and take out my winter clothes.

When the weekend arrives at our house, all we do is collapse on the sofa, eat a bunch of junk food, watch the pending T.V shows and just unwind from the crazy week. And what is funny is that all us three older siblings are home on a Friday night while the youngest who is 7 is out with his friend.

So today I decided to bear that laziness and make plans for the weekend because usually my plans include inviting Aysha over and doing all of the above with her which does not even count. Its not my fault, if you take into account the horrendous traffic, waiting in lines and more bad traffic when all you can do is roam the malls in the end. Anyways, my weekend plans got cancelled. I mean, my friends are exactly like me, if not worse. They will also consider the traffic, both outside and inside and then make their plans. :)

On the plus side, Abbu is finally coming home. I love him and its fun to get him out of the house but only for the first few days. After that its like an egg cracked on the floor and you trying to clean that mess.

Can I just say how unbelievable confusing Double Book Keeping is. At first, its so easy but as you dive in the topic, it hits you that this is not a field of Tulips to roll in. You have to pluck them one by one with hands. I am studying Trial Balances these days and its eating my mind. Differentiating and deciding what goes in Credit or Debit is confusing. And I have a problem of asking about logic behind everything, so now my professor is like, just do it. Think about the logic later.

I got a treat from Aysha this weekend and trust me, free food is the best. Especially when you have a best friend paying for it. Its been a lazy but productive weekend and now its time to dive in my books all over again. :D

Tell me if lazy weekends are not the best weekends ever.

Adieu !