Thursday, August 30, 2012

Book Review: Guilty Wives - James Patterson.

The first thing that I loved about this book was that it was from a prisoner's point of view. Most of the books that are usually written on crime are from the good guy's point of view. The story starts with four friends, Abbie Elliot, Serena Schofield, Winnie and Bryah going away for a vacation in Monte Carlo, France. All these women or their husbands are involved in extra marital affairs. The wives just want to get away from all the drama in their life. What they didn't know is that there is a lot more drama to come.

The four wives are charged with the murder of President Of France and his bodyguard. Abbie Elliot finds herself in jail along with her friends for a lifetime for speaking the truth. They all are tortured. Abbie is the weak link in the chain because her strong headedness is what stands in between the people who framed them. She is the only one capable of proving her innocence along with her friends. She proves it but the people she never thought are the murderers who framed them.

There are a lot of twists and turns and I loved every single one of them. The characters are defined in a very profound manner. The story itself is something that will challenge your mind. In the start even I for a second didn't think who the murderers are until the book spoke itself.

In short James Patterson has definitely reached my list of favourite writers. His crime fiction is not only different but at the same time very thrilling. One writer every crime fiction favourite should read. This book was no less. Not only his concepts are very different from every book that he writes but the characters too. One writer to watch out for.

P.S. I hate the cover of this book. It doesn't matches the standard of the story inside.