Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Book Review: The Running Man by Stephen King

Ben Richards signs up for The Running Man. What is The Running Man ? For some, it is an entertainment series and a brutal way of getting rid of the poor population. Or it is a way of earning money and feeding their family for others. But nonetheless, it is a very dangerous game in which you are on the run from the government and you get paid for every hour that you do not get caught. Unfortunately for Ben Richards, he falls in the latter category. He has a 18 month old sick daughter and a wife but no job to support this family. Now the question is, will he survive the games ? More like, how long will he last in them ? 

Published: January, 1982
Author: Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman
Genre: Dystopia, Science Fiction

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I am not a fan of Stephen King, mainly because I do not enjoy horror . But a friend forced me to read this and I loved it. It is a dystopian novel set in the future. And the way he has written the story is worth a standing ovation. Some authors portray something through meaningful quotes but I felt everything through the story itself.

Ben Richards is just another victim of the government now being used as an entertainment. The guy goes against his beliefs for his family and his whole world shatters in the end. I knew from the start what will happen to him but any other thing I really did not expect. There were so many twists and turns being thrown at me that I was processing the previous shock when I started reading another one.

The story itself is so honest portraying the life of an everyday simple man. And how poverty is really the worse things you can imagine. It is one thing to go hungry yourself but it is entirely another to see your kid starve and wait for death to knock at your door.

I salute Ben Richards courage and guts. Being a very bold girl myself, I loved that he did not give a damn shit about what others think or do, about him. He did what he had to and stuck to it, till the end. It was not a matter of his survival. It was a matter of survival of his only kid and wife.

I have to say, I had no idea how all the action was going on because for one second he is in a car, driving, the next he is threatening to blow the whole place up with a bomb, playing a buff and hijacking a plane. It was that fast but I loved it. I think Stephen King really did justice to this book.