Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: Room by Emma Donoghue

5 year old Jack's world consists of an 8 ft by 11 ft room. Its his playground, school, hospital, home, everything he has ever stepped in or seen. And his only other companion is his mother. But then he gets a chance to see the outside world. And he is overwhelmed. He feels like an alien. He is an expert in Mathematics but does not know how to climb stairs. And then there are the circumstances that put this little kid and his 20 something mom where he is. What would you do if you ever found yourself in such circumstances ? 

Published: 2010
Author: Emma Donoghue
Genre: Literary fiction

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This was a very different and interesting read for me. It was from a victim's point of view and I loved that perspective. The narrative is a 5 year old kid who himself does not know much about the world. His mother creates a normal world for him in an abnormal one. Even being a victim, he has no idea what kidnapping, robbery, murder etc is, just like any other 5 year old.

I was reminded of my youngest brother, when he was an year or two. Whenever we used to go to someones house, he kept staring at the ceiling, fascinated by the fan because there wasn't one in our house and he had no idea what it was. And Jack is the same, he is terrified when he gets to see the real world. But Emma has described his feelings in an incredible manner. I realized the importance of being socially adaptive of things.

My heart literally broke reading about the mother struggling day after day in such an uncommon way, yet so real in so many other ways. She is barely in her twenties, the age where you are suppose to enjoy life, not be terrified of it.

I felt like the part about the escape was a little vague. How can a person who has taken so much care to keep things the way they are, not check the carpet ? But then, even the biggest criminals make tiny mistake at times.

I cannot imagine my life in a single room. Emma portrayed the characters so strong and beautiful. I was forced to think that if they can make the most of life in a single room, why the hell cannot we all ?