Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Blessing In Disguise

I have been so busy lately that I fully understand how adults live their lives. How they do ten things in one day ? I mean I go somewhere in a day and then I am passed out. My fuel tank gets empty just after a single outing in a day. But for the past week or so, I have had to do so many things at once. Recently I literally had dinner and then shopped in my uniform. I felt like school was never off for me. I have been coming home at 5 pm or 11 pm without a break in between. I don't live like this.

Anyway, we were going to the Indonesian Embassy this past Sunday and there was this 14 year old girl with us. She is a very sweet, intelligent, one of those girls who is liked by all. She is involved in extra curricular activities too and so we know each other.  And she told me this amazing story of her life. She goes like you know I am adopted. And I am like ooh congratulations. Yes. My reaction was very bad. Anyway she further goes on that her parents adopted her from her mom's sister. So its a family adoption but nonetheless an adoption. All I could think was of that now she is going to tell me that she hates her parents and wishes she could go back to her birth parents. But she said the total opposite. She goes like, I came to know about myself through my grandparents last year. And my mom does not know this. I do not want her to know because it will hurt her very badly. She has already been hurt a lot and has faced a lot of problems because she did not have any kids. My dad knows that I know. I love my parents more than anything else in the world. I would never leave them or go back to my birth parents. I love my birth parents too. But they will always be my Khala (Aunt) and Khalo (Uncle). 

I have a twin. He is totally opposite to me. I am loud and he is quiet. I am healthy and he is skinny. I am careless and he is responsible. I love him because I have always wanted a brother and now I have one. I just wish that my family could stop pretending that we are cousins when we are siblings. Because sometimes being the only kid drives me crazy. But I would not want to change anything. I want to grow up, be independent and support my parents. I want my parents to be proud of me. I want to take care of them. 

And my mouth is hanging wide open and I feel nostalgic. Because the few adoption cases I have witnessed have all ended up in a disaster by the kid being a jerk and a fool. I hugged her. I said to her that do not ever let go of your parents hand. Be who you are today. In this era kids your age are very seldom as responsible as you are. I am so happy that being only 14 you know what is right and wrong, when at times even I do not.  And always be like this. 

And I said that you are an example that yes, sometimes adoption does makes everything better. Its a blessing in disguise. You are just making the world a better place by giving kids what you can. Why does it matter if their genes do not match yours ? Their hearts will match yours. Their love and care will. You just wait for it. You just wait for the miracle.