Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Cannot Have Everything

I am one of those people who cannot write without being inspired and lately my inspiration have been running very low. And I really want someone or something to inspire me to write again. I want fire. I want ice. I want extreme because I believe that words come to me when I believe in something.

So I was watching Gossip Girl. I am not really a fan of it but I watch it because of Chuck and Blair. So in season 6, they make a pact to each other that they will not be together before they do the most important things in their life. For Blair that thing is making her own fashion line a huge success and for Chuck it is to bring his fathers true face alight to the world. In the latest episode Blair succeeds making her fashion line "B" a huge success after a series of failed attempts but unfortunately Chuck fails after betting everything that he has. So he says to Blair that they cannot be together. And when she comes back to her office, all her staff is there waiting for her to celebrate, she smiles but her smile is not perfect because it is not from the heart. Among all the success something is missing. She got something but not everything. And thing is she had worked for everything.

I realized that when we work for something and work really hard for it. We want 100%. Because we know that that is how much we worked and that is how much we deserve. Things don't hold as much meaning when you don't get the 100%. But you have to live with it because it is life. And giving up means that you have given up on yourself. You didn't get 100% does not mean that you are not good at that thing.

It is like baking a Chocolate Cake. You put in all the ingredients and follow the instructions of the recipe but the cake does not turns out to be like the picture on the box. It is good but not as good as it should be.

We all need to learn a very important lesson and that is you cannot always have everything in life. Once I said to my dad, why does Allah not give us everything that we want ? And he said that if He gives you everything now, you will not have anything in the hereafter. So He is saving some for the hereafter. It is okay if you did not get the 100%, just remember there is someone else who is in your league and does not get 100% either.