Friday, February 13, 2015

Letters To The Moon # 5

Dear Moon,

Something really exciting and awesome is happening in my life right now. The bad things is that I cannot tell you about it. Not because I don't want to but because its the right thing at this moment. I have this tendency to announce anything good that comes my way, and then it disappears. People judge me and pass their opinions without knowing anything, end result is that I quit.

I do not want that this time. Because one, I am really happy doing what I am doing. Secondly, its exhausting but when I go to sleep at night, I am happy. Even if I have to sacrifice something to do it, I am still happy. Its what I have always wanted to do. Maybe not in this manner but life is not always 100 percent chocolate.

One thing I have gotten to know is that I work pretty well with deadlines. If I have to finish something by that time, I will do it. And its shocking. Because I do things and then I leave them in the middle of nowhere.

Yes, I abandon my vehicles. Reason 678 why I am still driving in the middle of the road. But I will get where I want.

I am pumped up. I can see a direction now. I can see this headed towards something. And that is a great thing for me. Because it has been hard adjusting to this life. I usually apply the formula of my way or highway.

I can feel that I am slowly coming back to who I was an year ago. And honestly, I want to rediscover that person again. Because let me tell you, I was bad ass. I was fearless. I need to stop making thorns into boulders.

It is a funny thing how you think that you can live your life for others, but when you are suppose to actually do it, you find out that you suck at it. I think that I can achieve the independence I have always wanted. And to be honest, I can see my goals near me, after a long long time.

Yours truly,