Saturday, December 21, 2013

As Luck Would Have It

You know what is disaster ? It is walking barefoot in Villagio with your brand new black Converse in one hand and purple socks in the other.

Let me give you some background. My mom had to make an impromptu visit to Carrefour to buy slippers for Moawiz. She also wanted to check out the ongoing  sales in Mango, Bershka, Zara and God knows where else. Anyway, I desperately wanted to get the Moustache socks that I had left in Carrefour a week before. Yes ! I am that idiot who always hopes that she will get it the next time. But that day never comes.

I also wanted to buy some shoes. And by shoes I mean, boots and heels that I like and actually get in my size. Ever since a kid, shoes have always been a nuisance for me. Not because my love for them comes after books, coffee and socks but because I never find the size available. You would think that my best friend would have a problem finding shoes considering her feet are elf sized and her shoe size is 36. Mine is 38, the most common size ever.

It is safe to say that by the time shoes turn comes on my shopping list, my luck runs out. As a kid, that was a problem my mom had to deal with. There was this phase between 10 and 13 years, that my shoe size was neither in the kid section nor in the female section and somehow there used to be in between. I remember wearing one of my moms friends kids shoes, buying shoes from a garage sale (they were brand new) and even having them custom made.

Unfortunately, now I have to deal with this freaking enigma of mine. Anyway, we were checking out the shops and I fell in love with this pair of sky high black heels with a studded metallic heel in Aldo. And the shoe on the shelf was my size. Obviously, I had to take off my shoes and socks. I am ready to do anything for a good pair of shoes. I tried them on and they fit perfectly. But as luck would have it, the minute I tried walking in them, it kept slipping and lets just say that a lot of shoes and bags were saved from my terrible walking skills. And ofcourse, they didn't have a size smaller in them.

As I am about to put on my socks, amma drags me out of the shop saying, its already 10 and we still have to go to Carrefour. Wear them in the car. Now, who wants to ruin there brand new shoes ? Especially someone with my record. And I ended up walking like a lunatic.

At one point I was sure that the security guard will stop me and accuse me of stealing shoes. Then I will have to show him my bare feet. Trust me, you do not want a stranger to see that you wear Spongebob PJ's.

Cato the Elder was not wrong when he said,
"Patience is the greatest if all virtues". 
Adieu !


P.S. If you were wondering whether I got the socks or not. Nope. I did not. But I did not leave without socks. Its socks.
P.P.S. And no. I am the worst person when it comes to being patient. Although, my hope for the day is not dead yet.