Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Its Ramadan Kareem

The month of blessings and beauty is here. That one month where we get to polish ourselves and wash away our sins. That one month where blessings are countless. That one month where we are forced to review our actions and better them. Ramadan is here. Ramadan Mubarak !

I always hope that when Ramadan finishes, I would be the same person I was in Ramadan. I love the routine of it. Getting up for Sahoor at 3:30 in the morning. Barely eating something in my case. Then after praying Fajr, sleeping peacefully till you can which is till Duhr. And then sleeping again. Getting up again at Asr and that is when the day starts. My mom has given the responsibility of everything to me. So I am pretty much done. But Ramadan leaves you with sore legs, peace, serenity and a satisfaction.

 My dad always says that we are not just prohibiting ourselves from eating or drinking. Its a bigger picture. We need to stay from lying, back biting, cheating and anything else that makes you less of a person. Ramadan prepares you to live your life in a better way the rest of eleven months as well. I hope that this month be as blessed and beautiful for everyone as it is for me.