Monday, February 04, 2013

An Excerpt: Casual Vacancy

The mistake ninety nine percent of humanity made as far as Fats could see was being ashamed of what they were: lying about it, trying to be somebody else. Honesty was Fats currency, his weapon and defence. It frightened people when you were honest; it shocked them. Other; Fats had discovered were mired in embarrassment and pretence, terrified that their truths might leak out but Fats was attracted by rawness, by everything that was ugly but honest, by the dirty things about which the likes of his father felt humiliated and disgusted. Fats thought a lot about messiahs and pariahs; about men labelled mad or criminal; noble misfits shunned by the sleep masses.

The difficult thing, the glorious thing was to be who you really were, even if that person was cruel or dangerous, particularly if cruel and dangerous. There was courage in not disguising the animal you happened to be. On the other hand you had to avoid pretending to be more of an animal than you were: take that path start exaggerating or faking and you became just another Cubby, just as much of a liar, a hypocrite.

                                                            -J.K.Rowling in Casual Vacancy