Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Definition Of Beauty

Today, it is my parents 20th wedding anniversary. And I am so proud to be there daughter. If someone asks me to define beauty, I would simply say that it is my parents. Two people who work from day to night to make sure that I could achieve everything I want. If I have something good in me, it is because of them. They are my mirror and I want to be their reflection. 

They are the kind of people who if go from a gathering, the whole gathering will talk about them for days and in good words. In a 5 minute meeting, people ask for their phone numbers. And do not even ask about their social circles. I do not have that and I probably never will.

Somehow over the years they made it work. Whenever I see around myself, I see people getting divorced and fighting all the time, not talking to each other for days. That is the time when I thank Allah for giving me such a NORMAL family. Believe me, it is very rare these days. And somehow my belief becomes a little strong. Because they have sacrificed so much for each other and than for us.

Don't get me wrong, they disagree like a pretty normal couple and argue over it and then we are asked us to take sides. That sight is one to watch. But when they agree on something then believe me they are like a wall in which you cannot put a dent. So our best strategy is not to let both of them agree on the same thing. Works every time for us. Not really. (Guilty grins).

Recently, I asked my dad to tell something to my mom about me and he said, sorry you want the bull to be charged at me. That ain't happening girl. Go tell her yourself and have the bull after you.

Once I remember, a family friend of ours said that it would be so cool if we could choose our parents ourselves and my mom said, you will get the chance in paradise. Truth is I will still choose the parents I have today. Who fret over every single little thing like drinking milk.

We were on Umra in Makkah and my dad couldn't go. I was using my Qatar's international sim but I couldn't recharge it from KSA. SO I asked my dad to send me credit from Qatar. The whole day passed and I didn't get the credit and I was like, OMG, Sumaica, he forgot. He actually forgot to send you credit. But when I checked my balance was QR 100. At that moment I realised that the world can move from one place to another but Asad Latif Piracha will never forget anything that his daughter asks him to do.

I wish them all the best for their life together ahead. May they live for a thousand years. May all the happiness of the world be theirs. May they bicker and argue like kids at times but support each other at all times. May they live to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and I get to be there to make fun of them and remember all the good old golden days. May they always be the best parents that they always have been.


P.S. Dedicated to my not only beautiful but out of this world parents, Mr and Mrs Asad Latif Piracha.