Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Made A Difference.

Today in English class, a girl came to me and handed me an article for the school magazine. I happen to be the Student Editor of this year. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and start reading it. But I had to wait for the teacher to finish. My friends wanted to read it first but I couldn't let them read the fruit of my hard work. I started reading it and when I finished, I wanted a moment to myself and cry over this seemingly small but huge to me, victory. I was like, I wrote this. This is my hard work. This is my ambition. This is what I believe in. I could see her thoughts and her words in front of me on paper.
"Some things have to be believed in, to be seen". -Ralph Hodgson 

You see the girl is Aisha Malik. Five years ago, I met her when I started going in the school bus and overtime we became best buddies. She is two years younger than me. Five years ago she was a hard core studying person. She still is. But the person who didn't even used to touch books now buys them in bulks. She started reading and I just felt so proud and happy. Then she wrote a poem for this project in school. And  I asked her to write something and she did. I mean she just needed a little motivation to write.

Somewhere in there I made a difference. It is not that big a thing but it is for me. This world need more readers as well as writers. Today, not only am I proud of her but somehow I am also proud of myself. Truth is, if you ask her she will tell you that I never forced her to read or even to write. I didn't even know myself that I would be making a difference. This means more than anyone will ever understand. You get that feeling when you dream of something and your dream comes true. That is how I feel. For the first time, I know that this is how a teacher feels when its students pass with flying colours.

I will post her article in a few days. Wait for it. It is worth a read. For me it is priceless.